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The 33rd World Rugby Classic is on!

The good news was just received that the 33rd World Rugby Classic, a SafeKey Event, will take place from the 7th to the 13th November.

“This is the best rugby result we could have received’ said John Kane, “Covid-19, World Rugby Classic -21”!

Our overall aim is to provide a safe event for everyone attending the Classic and to protect all the good work which has been done in Bermuda to keep everyone here safe. All the players and incoming officials will have been vaccinated, had a pre-arrival test, tested upon arrival, tested on Day 4 and will, while on the Island, follow all the protocols which are in place. We have also advised all the overseas corporate guests of these requirements.

While everyone thinks of Classic Week as a rugby and social event it is also a very big week for international business as board meetings, as well as meeting with clients and advisors, are usually scheduled to coincide with the rugby. We have received numerous overseas emails from investment banks, law firms etc. seeking information re this year’s Classic and so we now expect there will be a sizeable influx of those visitors during Classic Week

The business generated for the hotels, restaurants, bars and the taxi industry is sizeable and will be a welcome relief to those entities during these difficult times. Also the many businesses which are involved with the Classic: caterers, event planners, those who provide the infrastructure, security firms and, of course, the National Sports Centre will all welcome a return to some degree of normality.

This year it has been decided to invite six teams: 

Rugby Canada

USA Classic Eagles,

Ireland Rugby Legends,

Lions Legends,

Rugby Italian XV and

France Classic Rugby

This will be a ticket only event, combined with SafeKey, with details to be announced later.

In just over ten weeks the 33rd Classic will take place and bring some welcome news to those who have endured the past 18 months of Covid restrictions”

Bermuda Rugby Classic

The 2023 World Rugby Classic Bermuda will be held November 3rd - 9th.


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